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How do you troll behind a cat?


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I have tried trolling a spoon lure about 75m behind the boat on 50lb line with swivel and a length of rubber bungy caribinered to the tramp lacing on the back beam.

I haven't had any luck, the lures don't seem to work well and get all twisted up in a tangled mess and the line snaps off (pitchpoling it doesn't do good things to the line either).

Have you got a trolling method that works?

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could have probs with speed

here in lake hume they trawl around 1 or 2 knots

ive had nasty trouble with barbed hooks, sheets, wind changes, gusts and bloody fingers

not many fish though,

caught a red fin out the back of my trailer sailer @ about 1.5kns month before last[small]

almost fell out of boat got that excited[so unexpected i was just listening to the footy and try not to run aground

i tow my kids behind on $20 inflatable rafts

they have oars in case i decide to abandon them :cool:

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