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The best Cat sailing Video I've seen


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Originally posted by BarryK1200LT:



ya got that right Barry, a very nice little boat, surprising that it hasn't yet found it's way down under. Just what we need, another class to dilute sailing a bit more. But damn it sure has some nice water flow around the hulls, specially from the transoms.

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They are a pretty hard to capsize in "normal" conditions. But you are not always out there in normal stuff....

I have only done a bit on the 60' Tri's and it is by far the most awesome sailing I have done, Way more intense than the X40.

When you are steering the 60, you have a feeling of holding a lot of power, almost to much... but not quite smile.gif

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From the timing of the opening shots and the link to the music stabs and variety of cut away shots the editing is professionally done.

You could run this on any TV station around the world as a 5 minute filler during any programing and captivate audiences. I would think this would be French sourced?

It would be nice to have the camera equipment to do the same quality for Oz cat sailing vision. The only cats in this were Orange and a Tornado? making heavy weather of it while the real action shots were the tri's.

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Originally posted by Penno:

Oh yeah, speaking of the French, there's also this thing...

(Dont watch if you dont like tri's)

From what I can gather their objective is still to crack 50 knots/hr


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Who cares if it's a tri? It's Sailing and I love all forms of sailing. But as for the French ...welllll ... it's well known in the more sane parts of the world that they are a wee bit crazy about the size of their multis but they sure as hell do it better than anyone else out there, check this out

Love the music that goes with it

help spread the love ... Harry

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