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NSW State Titles


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The 2012 NSW Paper Tiger Catamaran State Titles will be held at Wagga Wagga Sailing Club, 1st - 3rd October 2011.

Notice of Race: http://nswptca.papertigercatamaran.org/docs/States%202012%20NOR.pdf

Entry Form: http://nswptca.papertigercatamaran.org/docs/States%202012%20Entry%20Form.pdf

An event sponsor is Henderson's Houses: http://www.hendersonshouses.com.au/

Pet Friendly and house upto 6 people. Anyone want to share with me and dog Xena? Please reply to tonyquoll@yahoo.com

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Current State Champion Greg Williams will be defending his crown at his home lake. His father Garry Williams is a 20-times State Champ and came 2nd last year. No doubt these will be the ones to beat; at least follow around the course!

Current International Champ Ian Marcovitch is also in contention, and a former winner of the title at this lake, in 1982! There's a serious amount of experience to contend with.

Absent this year may be 2010 Champ & Ian's son Kim Marcovitch (wedding anniversary) and the famous Purple People Eater Neil Waterman (work).

Local "Agent Orange" Rohan is another expected to be at the front of the fleet. Supreme organiser Dave Stumbles and APT Editor Ralph Skea usually are in the top ten, and former State Champ Jon Pinkerton could also be right up there.

I've never won a race at this level of competition, but have been training all winter and hope for a weight advantage in predicted 10-15knot winds.

Looking forward to some intense racing!

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Race 1, 0 to 4 knots easterly wind and scattered showers.

I was lucky to take off in breeze from the port end, then tack on shifts to round 1st mark in the lead.

Rohan overtook on the run and kept the lead to the end. Garry williams and jon Pinkerton. Were in hot pursuit not sure the final places as I tried to tack, got stuck. In irons. A few times, and came about 15th.

Ian markovitch chased me all race, but didn't tack, rode the knocks into windless holes instead.

Race 2 postponed by unanimous decision due to rain, cold, and lack of wind

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3 races today, in shifty, gusty 0 to 6 knot winds. Ian jumped the start, re-rounded and then went on to win from near last. A master class in tactical sailing.

Garry has been at the front in all races, won 2 today and leads on points.

Rohan's miracle of the day was gliding over glassy waters to sail around the leading pack and moove from mid-fleet to claim a 2nd. He's 2nd on points overall.

Jon Pinkerton has been close the front all weekend and sits in 3rd.

2 drifters forecast tomorrow, anything could happen

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2 races in sunny warm wagga, with 0 to 6 knot winds. Chess on water, Garry called it.

Classic wagga sailing; Ralph heads to the southern shore, gets an amazing lift and puff that takes him all the to the lead. The lead pack bunches up and we are 6 in a line going through the bottom gate. Ralph goes for the shore again, sits in a hole and eventually drifts out into about 11th.

Garry Williams wins overall, his 21st state titles win!

Rohan Nichols 2nd, cameron the-maricat-sailor 3rd. All top 3 from wagga.

We might have the states at Wallagoot Lake next time!

Possibly 4th Greg, 5th Jon, 6th Ian, 7th Tony, 8th Dave. Not sure the rest; full results when available

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Thanks for the updates, Tony.

Cameron Fitzgerald is actually a Paper Tiger sailor and has been for many years. However, Geoff White is a Maricat sailor and did very well in his first PT States. Two other non-PT sailors, David Buckley and Martin Gregory also competed, with David having a couple of excellent results and Martin struggling with a very old club boat that was brought in from pasture to compete!

We also had two interstate competitors, Neville Rowe (South Australia) and Garry Craig (Victoria). It was great to have these interstaters and the three non-PT guys join our fleet for the weekend.

Many thanks to all involved in organising the weekend. We had a great time despite the challenging weather.

As Tony mentioned, Garry Williams 21st State Title win is an incredible achievement. His consistency in the variable conditions was very impressive. Well done!

Here are a list of the overall results:

1. Characin IV, Garry Williams (Wagga Wagga) 2-2-1-1-2-6, 8pts

2. Pussyfoot, Rohan Nicol (Wagga Wagga) 1-4-2-4-3-2, 12pts

3. Absolute Power, Cameron Fitzgerald (Wagga Wagga) 3-6-3-5-5-1, 17pts

4. Shadow Boxing, Greg Williams (Wagga Wagga) 8-5-14-2-1-4, 20pts

5. Johnny B Goode, Jon Pinkerton (Koonawarra Bay) 4-3-6-3-8-5, 21pts

6. Mojo, Ian Marcovitch (Mannering Park) 14-1-5-7-6-3, 22pts

7. Tigerdelic, Tony Hastings (Wallagoot Lake) 12-8-4-12-4-7, 35pts

8. Rapture, David Stumbles (Koonawarra Bay) 7-9-8-6-7-13, 37pts

9. Characin II, Geoff White (Wagga Wagga) 5-7-9-13-9-9, 39pts

10. Bobby Dazzler, Kerry Spalding (Wagga Wagga) 6-13-12-9-14-10, 50pts

11. Second Wind, Wayne Eager (Koonawarra Bay) 9-10-13-DNF-10-11, 53pts

12. Solitaire, Ralph Skea (Koonawarra Bay) 13-14-7-10-11-14, 55pts

13. Bean, Bruce Proctor (Toronto) 11-16-10-11-12-12, 56pts

14. Phantom Tiger II, David Buckley (Wagga Wagga) 10-11-17-DNF-13-8, 59pts

15. Mr Percival, Neville Rowe (Somerton (SA)) 16-17-11-14-16-16, 73pts

16. Watermelon, Garry Craig (Yarrawonga (Vic)) DNC-12-16-8-DNC-DNC, 74pts

17. Smilenwave, Denis Davis (Wagga Wagga) 15-15-15-15-15-15, 75pts

18. Red Club, Martin Gregory (Wagga Wagga) DNF-DNC-DNF-16-17-17, 88pts

Dave Stumbles

Secretary, NSWPTCA

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