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To all nsw class associations


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The NSW Yachting Association is updating all NSW class association contacts. If you are a member of a class association could you please forward this to the relevant class association contact.

Again, this is for NSW class associations.

This is the link


Further, I have been giving the General Manager of Yachting NSW, David Edwards a fairly hard time of late. Asking what NSW Y is doing for cat sailing and the classes. Where does our money go and when will cat sailing be given the exposure it rightly deserves? ( I was into him today about the lack of info on A Class Worlds reporting) I also asked what the NSW Y is doing for country and regional clubs as the services it provides are very city centric.

Yes, I have been into him a bit! I would hope that the training and instructor courses could be delivered in regional area locations.

This would have the effect of delivering services and training to the people who need the training the most and, I believe as important as the training, the opportunity for regional sailors to gather and develop networks. For example, a regional meeting at Coffs, Kempsey or Port for Clubs from Ballina to Forster to meet and discuss sailing stuff- from where to print shirts to risk management plans, flags, how to encourage juniors and who's got some buoys to share... In the end we'll have a stronger and safer sailing community.

The federal funding for sport is moving away from the 5 rings philosophy, that is, if it's in the Olympics then it's funded. The funding will be more focused around participation so non Olympic sports are getting more resourced. (You may remember John Coates blasting the report on sports funding- saying that it should only be spent on Olympic sports).


So, one basic task is to ensure that our information is there for NSW Y to see.

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Nice one Scott. Have also had some correspondence with YNSW recently about the confusing new membership system:

- "Yachting NSW is moving away from paper based collection of information..." find attached 5 documents and 3 forms to send back

- "clubs will no longer charge members for YA membership" but they still be billed by YA for the number of members

- "The primary purpose for collecting this information is to maintain accurate records and communications"...and your club may be billed $35 for all members you list

- "each Club shall shall pay the appropriate Subscription Fee no later than 31st October", and "31st October: YNSW invoices club for subscriptions fees"; not leaving much time to post a cheque between those dates!

So apart from not knowing why they need the info, how they want to receive it, whether or not we should list non-sailing members, and when we'll need to pay the fees, it's all very simple.

Wonder if this was dreamed up by the same brains-trust who brought in the new life jacket regulations, which were later dumped?

Are you sure you want this mob to deliver management training?

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