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Maricat 5m

Tim 5.8

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In my opinion they were the P76 of catamarans, designed at the wrong time. Essentially not a bad boat, but not competetitive against the likes of the taipans etc, they weigh a ton, OK if you have a spare footy team to help you drag one up the beach. I dont and have'nt sailed one but I have helped drag taipans up tanilba sand flats and I have also helped to drag a M5 up there, give me the Taipan any time.


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Only just over 20 were made.

Only my opinion and a few out there would probably agree, but the Taipan was a a total rip off of the M5.

The M5 is a great boat to sail, but it is heavy and a drag to move around, but on the water she was very quick and for her length competed with bigger boats.

There are much better options to one of these out there today and I would go for a H16, Nacra or other 16 or 17 footer.

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