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We need to toughen up. These Texas boys are doing some serious racing off the beach


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The Great Texas Catamaran Race

300 miles of extreme sailing at its best!

South Padre to Galveston

June 13 - 16, 2012

The Great Texas Catamaran Race is an off-shore beach catamaran race along the Texas Coast. Starting in South Padre Island and finishing in Galveston, the race will cover approximately 300 miles along the Texas coast over the Father’s Day weekend. The race will be conducted in four stages with each stage starting and ending on the beach!

These legs are 90nm, 90nm, 50 and 40 i think.

Check them out...There was only 18 or so boats.


How good would it be to race from Woollongong to Sydney to Newcastle. - Just picking the big three places on the east coast with plenty of media coverage. Go South to North around easter with the SE and it would be a bit safer as the SE seems to puff out at 15kn. Or North to South with the Nor'easter now that would be wet and wild. Have no worries about covering the distances.

Even so these Texans look like they enjoy it.

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