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Rules: OCS


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If a boat is OCS within the 1 min before start and the I Flag rule is in place.

Rule 29. 1 Individual recall

When at a boat’s starting signal any part of her hull, crew or equip- ment is on the course side of the starting line or she must comply with rule 30.1, the race committee shall promptly display flag X with one sound.... at the starting signal.

Rule 30.1 I Flag Rule

If flag I has been displayed, and any part of a boat’s hull, crew or equipment is on the course side of the starting line or one of its extensions during the last minute before her starting signal, she shall thereafter sail from the course side across an extension to the pre- start side before starting.

So if you are OCS in the last minute, an individual recall will be given at the start. To remedy this- if you sail course side and return like any other OCS within 1 minute it's ok.

It's just that guys who try and dip start and are OCS 55-30sec out are rarely given a individual recall at the start. The committee focuses on the final start as the recall time and merely notes boats who are OCS and scores them as such.

I know this doesn't sound clear.

Again. When I flag is in place.

It has happened that a boat who is OCS at around 50sec or so (not near the final start time but within the 1 min). Often does not get an individual recall at the start. They should.

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