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Windy Tramp


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Hey guys,

Finished "restoring" and reassembling my windy and it's as good as ever. Took it out on Friday for a brief run around Brisbane waters and did so with out any dramas so I'm a goer for this season. I did have one small problem... I put my arse through the rear starboard side of the tramp - stitching busted half way up the track and reefed straight out of the track and around the spline. I did the same thing back in February but on the other side so I think it'd be worth replacing soon but for the time being I'm going to get it restitched so I can actually use the boat. I don't necessarily want a Windrush replacement and I was thinking about looking into getting one made up so I was wondering who to ask and what to do? Potentially looking in your direction, Michael - that tramp you got earlier this year looked the goods!


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