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What type of cat is this?


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hi, am currently advertising a cat on ebay, and have said in the ad i believe it is a hawke cat, but the sail is from a crest cat.. i've now been advised by an ebay member it is in fact a fun cat, but i'm having trouble finding any photos or info on these. the hulls are about 13'7 and the tramp lashes to a square frame that is bolted onto the hulls at each corner. mainsail and jib. 1 mainsail has a "smiley cat face" on it, the other MS is unbranded. rudders are old shallow style, not kick-up. the mast has spreaders and is rigged with trapeze wires, but, as with the smiley face mainsail, i'm not even sure its truly belongs with the boat. will try to attach photos...any assistance greatly appreciated.

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