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Suggestions for Brisbane sail clubs?


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I have a 16ft Hydra and am looking for somewhere affordable on my student budget to store it fully rigged. Ideally I want it parked on rollers close to a nice sailing spot with the mast left rigged so it is only a case of raising the sails and rolling down to the water to get going. Is this a pipe dream?

I have sent emails to a few places (Woody Point sail club, Manly etc) but only one reply from Manly Marina saying they are full for years (and I think they were talking about hardstands for "normal" trailer sailers anyway). It crossed my mind that there is a club at Wivenhoe but the website is a little flaky and google maps doesn't show me any boats left rigged on the grass anyway.



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Thanks for the info - Lake Samsonvale is the cheapest so far (about $400 a year for new members) but still out of my range :-( There is a sail club at my university, might join them and sell my boat after this Summer season. Get one again when I am not a cashless student anymore :-)

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Hi Damien,

Yes I agree the Brisbane Valley Sailing Club website is a sloow work in progress and flaky. We offer very affordable sailing memberships and race fees especially seeing as you are a student, however we do not have any facilities to store your boat out at Wivenhoe Dam. Is it that you just want the convenience of leaving the baot rigged, or is it to do with your mode of transport and getting the boat from point A to B?

If you need any more details, drop an email to brisvalleysailing@hotmail.com


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