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Olympic Catamaran Petition

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Dear Petitioner

Thank you for signing our initial e-petition to the RYA about including multibhulls in the 2012 Olympic Regatta to be held in Weymouth. This succeeded in getting the RYA on side. 5800+ people worldwide have contributed to the campaign by joining our new petition to the IOC. If you have not yet signed this please do so.

The chances are improving that the decision may be reconsidered by ISAF so that the large part of the sport from the Olympics is again included. The deadline for putting items on the agenda for ISAF's Mid-Year Conference was 15th March. Campaigners have persuaded more than a dozen countries to follow the RYA example and put in multihull submissions. That may well be a record. ISAF must announce soon whether it takes seriously the public concerns about its role as guardian of our sport or continues its initial reaction that the matter is "closed".

The issue matters not just for cat fans, but all those who believe the Olympic Regatta in Weymouth should focus on modern high performance boats as it affects not just the Open Multihull Events but also affects the Women's Skiff.

Please pass the message on to anyone you know who may care that the e-petition to the IOC will soon be closed, but they can still join at http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/multihullinolympics/index.html

The Report published by UKCRA explaining how such an unpopular decision came about can be found at http://www.asnr29.dsl.pipex.com/ISAF_Events_Report.pdf.


Nick Dewhirst


United Kingdom Catamaran Racing Association

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