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QLD Rigging broken


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Out sailing today and heard a bang took a look around nothing seamed to

be missing it just sailed a little ?? , came to the shore for a short brake

and take a look around and this is what I found , well packed up and

went home , the question is dose this happen often as I am new to sailing

and where can I get a replacement and should I do all the rigging ??

I am in Brisbane north



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As mentioned on a related Thread, the dolphin striker wire is a VERY important structural component. It basically takes all the weight of the mast.

It must be in good order. If in doubt replace it. And it should be tight.

When replacing the wire make sure that you get a plastic covered wire. The class rules require this....and it makes good sense. The plastic covered wire is much easier on your hands............all side stays should also be plastic covered.

There are those who say that with plastic covered wire you cannot see any corrosion or fraying...... 99.9% of wire failures are at the swage.

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