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Yes you are right, its at Jerviose Bay at Easter. The WA Windy crew dont seem to use the net??? Are you going to the Rockingham regatta just after Christmass? I wont be able to make it this year but it was awesome last year. I would also like to invite you and anyone else to come to my Labour day regatta 5th March long weekend in Dongara. I know its a long way to come but we got over 20 Windrush last year and our numbers have grown this year. We have 10 Windrush on the water most meets we have here in Dongara. Look us up on facebook Port Denison Yacht Club, most of the photos are of our away regatta down at LA / Leeman. We got over 20 Hobie 16 this year which made it a great regatta. If you would like to come to our Dongara Labour day regatta I could find a ok boat for you just bring your sails & trap exc.



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