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spiniker on hobie 20 yes


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spin on h20 yes no?

hello people,

i bought a hobie 20 and have yet to take it at, but first i have a couple of questions.

can it be sailed one up with out a self tecking jib?

i weigh 115gk so will i be ble to right it alone?

is ther anything i shoud be aware of before i go out, max wind wave high?

cheers to all that can help in advanced.....:D

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Spinnaker was an option on Hobie 20, so yes, you can fit one.

Anything can be sailed one up, how safely and efficiently is another question.

At 115kg, maybe, if everything went your way, but probably not.

Some things you may want to consider, the mast is 31 feet long so possibly not able to be rigged by one person safely. Minimum weight of the boat is 420 lbs. so not easy to manhandle or move unassisted.

Back to you, Harry

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You only need a spinnaker on a Hobie 20 if you are over 180/200kg in crew weight and then only under 15 knots. With 145kg crew weight the Hobie 20 is faster without a spinnaker downwind in 12+ knots. Attached speed data graph of the Hobie 20 in 8.88 knots (10mph), as the wind increase the angle that the Hobie 20 can sail faster than the wind expands from 130 degrees to 160+. With 115 kg on board you will probably want to furl the jib (the jib furler was also an optional extra) or just don’t put the jib on it if you are sailing one up, it tacks fine without a jib. You will need a minimum of about 140kg to right the boat from a capsize. The Hobie 20 isa rocketship so start in post-22882-13778265478701_thumb.jpg

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I have a hobie 20 with the H20 Spinnaker kit

Yes you can sail them one up, but do your self a favour leave the jib in the sail box or on land rolled up!! never attached to the boat

The 20's are to overpowered

I never go out unless there are rescue boats around if you catsize them they are very hard to get up

I,m 118kg From personal experiance have found it easier to right when the mast is pointing upwind you get the extra presure pushing against the trampoline thus helping you to right it but only do this in light conditions anything heavier its a rescue job

They are not much fun to race one up,

I can handle it to about 15 knots max then it gets a bit wild,

The spinnaker is awesome but only use it between 5 to 15 knots and make sure you and your crew are experienced

anything less then 5 knots it is a wast of time and slows you down, over 15 knots it gets a bit of a handfull and you would probally get pulled through the blocks or be swimming

I strongly advise you to take off your 20's rudders this will save you $700 when they crack open under the pressure and stress

go and get a set of finlines or hobie 18's rudders

change your aluminium rudder pins to stainless steel pins the aluminium pins will bend at right angles and you wont be able to steer and watch out for cracks in the chainplates I had to replace mine I used 6mm thick stainless plates

Once you done all this you'l leave the opposition in your wake

I would consider putting a tiger kite on instead of the 20 spinnaker

The 20's are a great boat in all conditions but anything over 25 knots i'll rather be at the bar

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