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Free Hobie parts Newcastle


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Hi; just got an old Hobie 14 that is missing lots of things.

Free to whoever may need them.

May put in box if postage is paid by you.

Mast head casting with hellyard.

Rudder castings x 2

Traveller cleat and mount.

Fit 16 or 14.

Whatever else i can find.


Hi Chris;

I could really use the Masthead Fitting and Halyard. The boat has solid alloy plate rudders but the casting stocks are OK. I just need to make up timber foils.The boat has no sheets or blocks, so I need to get jib and main sheets.The goose neck is missing from the boom.and I don't know what it is supposed to look like ,in fact all the fittings except for the outer plug are missing. There is a 'hole" in the mast where the boom fitting must go. There doesn't seem to be any place for a traveller..only a hole in the rear beam where I think a swivel fitting/block goes. I bought the trailer for my Paper tiger and the 14 ft Hobie came with it. It must be old as it's got the extra beam across the bows. I may end up sailing the Hobie as it seems far less delicate and forgiving than a Paper Tiger.

regards Maxim. Wallagoot Lake Boat Club.

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