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VX40 vs Tornado vs 18ft Skiff


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Actually a lot of effort was required to keep all the boats in the one shot.

The tornado was significantly quicker then the 18 Skiff and the VX40 struggled to slow down enough to keep close to the others.

Myself and others have toyed with the 18s many times on the harbour and the Big T has come up trumps every time.

Last year I raced at the Squaddy Brass Monkey Reggatta on My F18 and the results were as follows.

Race 1 – F18 by 4 min 43 sec in a 25 min 39 sec race

Race 2 – F18 by 7 min 44 sec in a 32 min 41 sec race

Race 3 – 18 Skiff by 52 sec in a 42 min 51 sec race (bad first upwind. Late for start and went wrong way. Left half a leg behind and playing catch up.)

Race 4 – F18 by 2 min 18 sec in a 25 min 13 sec race

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