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Best place to launch on Moreton Bay


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Hi all, Ive just got my Nacra 5.8 back from the shop (thanks Roscoe) and am looking forward to getting out on Moreton Bay while the weather is fine over Christmas.

My question is, where is the best place to launch a cat for a day's sailing?

Thanks to Google Maps Ive come up with the following possibilities

1./ Masthead Drive, Raby Bay. Ive been here and am certain I could get the boat over the bollards and down to the beach.

2./ William St Boat ramp on Cleveland Point. How busy is this? Is there room to rig a cat here?

3./ Raby Bay Boulevard.Foreshore Park. Google Maps conveniently shows a cat parked on the beach here. Are there bollards here? Is this a possibility?

or do I just join the Cleveland Yacht Club and sail off their ramp?

Where does everyone launch from? All opinions welcome...



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Masthead Drive, Raby Bay: 1st Beach (north end) opposite house number 79 is my preferred spot.

Reverse trailer to Bollards, slide boat directly from trailer over bollards and onto beach wheels and rig on grass. Handy to shelter shed, BBQ's, toilets for family & friends. Nicely protected launch into bay from any strong SE's. High tide is best otherwise need to watch water depth.

Cleveland Point Boat ramp is OK if winds and tide are favourable. Not much room for error with rocky shoreline at low tide.

Haven't sailed Cleveland Yacht Clup but I'm guessing would be as per Cleveland Point boat ramp with extra caution during strong SE's. A member would be able to help further.

Agree with QB2's Woody Point/Bribie comments.

Go for it. The Bay is Great Sailing : )

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Hi there

I race out of Cleveland on a weekly basis and up to recently on a 5.8 also. At least 6 x 5.8's racing along with a few Hobie Tigers among other cats. We have a grassed rigging area, nice wide ramp and is quite easy to launch and retrieve the cats. Not long ago some members removed quite a few of the large rocks on both sides of the ramp so when you pull up or take of there is not much chance of damaging the boats. We have our last race this Sunday if you have a spare hour or so and would like to see the premises and chat to some of us Cat guys your more than welcome. Gates will be open from 8.30am and we will be on the water by 12.30pm


Damien :-)

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If you want to try some different clubs join the nacra traveller series. We are visiting clubs every month between now and the end of the season and have a very strong fleet (11 x 5.8's at one of our recent regattas) for info on the series go to http://forum.nacra.asn.au/viewforum.php?f=26

Also if you want to tame your 5.8 in protected fresh water when the wind on the bay is too much, Lake Samsonvale is a great option, last count we had 7 x 5.8's out there with 5 racing in our club championships http://www.lswsa.org.au/


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