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Sail sydney not next time


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I have just spent the weekend at one of the most unproffesional regattas i have attended in 30 years of sailing they obviously were not interested in catering to cats but i am sure the monos had a great time. the race committee needs to have a serious look at their oragisation. this was pathetic from the very moment when they did not even know what time they had organised the briefing which was 4 hours before the first start to not using postponment flags for late starts to not using the correct start procedure to keeping us waiting at the start line for over an hour starting us 1 hour late on day one and 1.5 hours late on day 2 making it very late coming in on both days.

A truly poor effort for what was supose to be a show case event with expensive entry.

I will not be traveling from western australia again for this event


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Windward Leeward courses on Saturday when the wind was light...which wasn't very exciting and Triangles today when it was blowing...which was a bit too exciting for me !!

Both days we got back to the beach at about 6pm.....then the long drive home.

Bouncing around waiting an hour and a half was just great.

I suppose it is important to let the Opti's finish their 12th race.

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we only have the wider cat community to blame really, if we had got the numbers that were promised by the classes then we'd have been sailing out of Kurnell Cat Club and would have had our own course and not had to wait for people to finish.

In response to the comment about waiting for the Opti's, seriously let the kids have a good time they are the future of our sport and given sailing as a whole is on the decline, i think it pertinent to allow them to race.

We got 7 good races in (it would have been 8 but you all ran off). Yeh 6pm was a bit late but would you have preferred we started at 11am when there was

I had a fun regatta and watching Mick capsize was a highlight. Good stretch of water with chop & tide to add to the fun.

Anyway here are the results for the overall inc. the Hobie 16's and I did one just the 14's.



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The disappointment for me was to see the lack of available avenue/s for promotion of the 14ft cat class - I just didn't see any obvious avenue to showcase our class/es - the Windrush 14 in particular - I brought down flags and brochures...

If I was a curious member of the public wanting to somehow get into sailing - then how would I know what to look at, or who to approach? As far as I could see, it was all about racing - again - with little to no thought given to promoting class associations...

Maybe I just didn't look hard enough - but honestly, should I have to be a detective to find out who to talk to, or where to look? This will definitely need to be addressed if I were to attend again - I don't mind being last to finish behind more experienced sailors, and state and national champions - my poor justification is that I am very rusty – and not on trapeze yet – but there has to be some kind of 'pay-off' to an event like this...

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