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Lacepede Bay Lobster Regatta Kingston SE South Australia


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G'day here’s some early info on the Lobster Regatta to be held in Kingston SE South Australia by the Lacepede Bay Sailing Club February 4th and 5th 2012. This race is open to catamarans, mono hulls, kite surfers and windsurfers. The last few years race’s have included F18 Infusion, Nacra 5.8’s, A Classes, 5.7 Taipans, 4.9 Taipan’s, Stingray's big and little rigs, Mozzie, Cobra's with spinnakers, Foiling Moth, Arrow's, Arafura Cadet's, Windsurfer's, 14ft Sundance, Weta trimaran and 420's.

Cost for the regatta is $50 a senior boat or $25 for just the Sunday race, junior entry fee is $15 a boat for the regatta. We will provide a great inexpensive tea with generous serves at the club on Saturday night, the canteen will be open for lunches and snacks. The bar will be open with good prices and there is no BYO alcohol.

Sailing will start for junior races at 11am Saturday 12th the idea being they pack up around 12.00pm unless they are competent enough to sail the afternoon sea breeze. Seniors will sail one race at 11am then come in for lunch and complete two back to back races from 1pm, this is a change from previous years but will ensure we complete all the races.

The three races on Saturday are used to work out handicaps for the 20km run heading north from Cape Jaffa on Sunday morning. This is sailed around 9-10 am to ensure we finish with plenty of time for visitors to head home. Subject to weather the juniors and inexperienced set out about half an hour before the seniors in a group and sail together with a dedicated rescue boat, they then compete for their race in front of the club. If the weather is too strong juniors will not be able to compete but will be supervised at the club by non sailing adults. There is only one sandy reef on the course near the beach, it will be marked with a buoy, competitors can travel down next to the beach or choose to go out to sea to cut across the bay. Anybody having gear failure can pull up on the beach anywhere and await pickup, normally there is no surf, big waves or rocks as the course is protected by the Margaret Brock Reef about 10km out. There is bacon and egg sandwiches available at the start on Sunday morning, you can choose to leave your car at Cape Jaffa and get run back after the race, set up really early run your car back to Kingston and get a lift back to the start with someone else going to the start or your ground crew can drive along the beach and watch the race. Competitors are welcome to camp next to our club rooms for the night at no cost and use the club showers, toilets etc. This is not a proper camping ground so we can’t make too much noise late at night.

There is a great caravan park and motels etc for those that want more of the comforts of home, so drink is cheap the food is inexpensive but good and we look forward to having a great time with you. Non sailing families will be easy to keep entertained; the kids can play at the club or the beach which is very safe, no rips or surf waves. There are big tractor tubes; cricket sets etc to keep the kids happy.

More information on facilities

Competitors are welcome to sleep in our clubrooms on the floor on Saturday night if you don’t want to pitch a tent at the clubhouse. Don't plan on getting to sleep early though.

We will mow a section of grass just south of the clubhouse suitable to pitch a tent on, in amongst some bushes that's far enough from the club to get some sleep.

Kingston Caravan Park 87672050 is very neat and has some en-suite cabins

Lacepede Bay Motel 87672444 is on the foreshore near the jetty and is highly recommended.

Lobster Motor Inn 87672322 is near the Big Lobster on the highway and is well maintained.

Crown Inn Hotel 87672005 Clean pub accommodation

Royal Mail Hotel 87672002 Clean pub accommodation

Mobil 190 roadhouse 87672419 has cheap rooms on the highway (has been tidied up)

Ray White Real Estate 87672200 manage bookings for beach house rentals and are easy to deal with.

Our clubhouse is 285km from the tollgate on Glen Osmond Rd it will take about 3 hours drive, straight down the freeway, turn right after Tailem Bend, and straight down to Kingston SE via the Coorong. Once in the town take a photo of the Big Lobster then turn right just after you cross the bridge and you will be in the main street, go to the roundabout turn right, go to the end of the road your now on the foreshore next to the Lacepede Bay Motor Inn. Turn left about 4km down you'll find the clubhouse, the only building on the foreshore. Were 5 1/2 hours drive from Melbourne and you can take a photo of the Big Koala on the way.

I will post updates with our expected weather closer to the sailing date, the 2011 race’s were held in great wind around 18 knots, the 2010 race was in light wind, the 2009 race was a spinnaker run the whole way with some two on the wire moments and some quiet moments but great fun. The 2008 race down from Cape Jaffa was about 22kt downwind in about 4ft waves which was unbelievable fun. 2006 was about 15kt upwind. Fastest boat to complete it so far was a 4.9 husband and wife team in about 45 mins though a windsurfer once did it before anyone could get back to man the finish line.

This race has been going for many many years and this is the fifth year we've publicized it, were a small club but we'll go out of our way to make you welcome.

For more details or to enter you can post a message here or contact Jeff Southall on 0427 660106 or send a message to jeffsouthall@yahoo.com.au

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Considering the weather forecast for the weekend indicated no wind for Saturday and too much wind on Sunday for the Lobster Regatta at Lacepede Bay Sailing Club in Kingston SE it was amazing to have 23 catamarans and 4 dinghies attend.

When sailing started at 11am Saturday in around 6 knots for a light first race, it was a glorious sight to see the most boats on the water along our coast since 1989 in an event that continues to grow. Once the close race finished at 12.30pm the local wily fox Dave Curkpatrick took 1st on his A Class “Wind Seeker”, he was behind for a lot of the race but edged out Paul Short 2nd on his A Class “Sunset Strip” followed by Brett with Brad Lienert 3rd on their Stingray MK2 “Wild Turkey” followed by too many boats to mention. The handicap placing for race one was “Wild Turkey” 1st, “Wind Seeker” 2nd, “Sunset Strip 3rd. Local juniors also raced in separate races the two 420 dinghy’s raced a shorter course, Kelly with Taylor Ferguson on “Ronstan” 1st just edged out Jacinta with Shelby Ferguson 2nd on “Hair of the dog”. Maeve with Enya Southall on Mosquito catamaran “Haters gonna hate” did a wonderful job racing the full seniors course and beating some of the senior boats in to take 1st in the junior catamaran section and Eoin Southall sailing his Arafura Cadet “Scorpion” finished 2nd

After a great lunch the wind built to around 13 knots while boats were heading to the start but unfortunately dropped to around 10 knots by the start of racing, seven Arrow catamarans raced the first of their State heats at 2pm with the dinghy’s second start followed by the other cats in shifting light to medium wind, some two on the wire time and some sitting in time. That wily fox Curky again took 1st place, followed by Wayne with Josh Hancock on their Taipan 5.7 “Ricki Ticki Tavi” 2nd, “Wild Turkey” 3rd . Handicap position for race two was “Wild Turkey” 1st, Byron with Stella Harfield on Tasar dinghy “Damala” 2nd,“Wind Seeker” 3rd. In the junior race Kelly with Taylor Ferguson on “Ronstan” 1st again just edged out Jacinta with Shelby Ferguson 2nd on “Hair of the dog”. Maeve with Enya Southall on Mosquito catamaran “Haters gonna hate” did a great job again racing the full seniors course to beat some senior boats home and take 1st in the junior catamaran section.

The wind built to a good two on the wire strength near the end of this race after the lead boats had finished allowing the following boats to close the time gap unfortunately by the time all boats had finished it was after 4pm and the wind dropped again.

The last race in light wind finished around 6.30pm, which made it a long day on the water for everybody and the rescue boat crews were thankful to be on solid ground again. First place on line honours, for this race was Curky again, he sailed brilliantly for three straight bullets, “Sunset Strip” 2nd , “Wild Turkey” 3rd. Handicap places for the third race were Jeff with Liz Southall on Nacra 5.8 “Ram Raider” 1st, Curky 2nd, “Wild Turkey 3rd.

Overall placing for the regatta on line honour was Dave Curkpatrick 1st on “Windfinder”, Paul Short 2nd “Sunset Strip”, Brett with Brad Lienert 3rd “Wild Turkey”. The overall placing for handicap was Brett with Brad Lienert 1st“Wild Turkey”, Dave Curkpatrick 2nd “Wind Seeker”, Jeff with Liz Southall 3rd “Ram Raider”

Unfortunately the weather forecasters were right on Sunday with gusts above 36 knots at the club the long race from Cape Jaffa was cancelled.

It was fantastic to serve nearly seventy meals on the very social Saturday night with heaps of beautifully prepared food, the club would like to thank all the volunteers that put in to make this one of the biggest regattas in South Australia and look forward to their help again at our Lacepede Bay Earthmovers distance race on Saturday March 31st , with a lot more boats already registered for that event than this past weekend the organisation has already started for what should be the biggest catamaran race in South Australia

Catamarans that competed were 8 x Arrows, 4 x A Class, 1 x Mosquito, 1 x Arafura Cadet, 2 x Nacra 5.8, 1 x Stingray MK2, 1 x Hobie 18, 3 x Taipan 4.9 and 2 Taipan 5.7’s, Weta Trimaran

Monohulls that competed on the weekend were 2 x 420 Dinghies, 1 x Tasar, 1 x Trailer Sailer.

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