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More than one way to Tie down a cat?


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G'Day All,

After a long break Im back into sailing.

I now have a Windrush 14 just for fun at this stage.

The boat was tied down to the trailer at each beam by small line over each hull. I have never been a big fan of this as they had the rope over the hull it self not the beams etc.

So is there any reason I cant just use two rachet tie downs , one at the main beam at the mast pivot to the trailor and the other at the rear beam at the middle of the travaller to the trailer??

Of course carfull not to over tighen etc

Any ideas?

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I have four ocky straps, my last Mari had four rubber straps. I don't think they have to do much, just hold the boat to the trailer. I would have thought that ratchet straps may give a little thus allowing a bit of slack which means that the boat will jiggle which isn't good.

The Paper Tigers have a neat method which is a fixed clamp in the centre of the beams as you suggest.

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Ok thanks for replys, its a small thing to think about, but I might just buy a pair of the smaller tie downs with a rachet and just try them.

There are already marks in the gelcoat where the last owners have really tied the hulls down way too tight.......



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