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Maricat Nationals at Carcoar Dam 25/26 Feb

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Maricat National Titles

Carcoar Dam Sailing Club

25th/ 26th February 2012

Water is back in our inland dams and we have the opportunity to sail at venues which have not been available for some years.

The Maricats will return to Carcoar after a gap of over 20 years.

Dam side camping is available on Friday and Saturday night. Motel or B&B accommodation is just 10 minutes away in Blayney or Carcoar.

Non sailing partners can explore historic Carcoar and Millthorpe or the wineries around Orange.

The Carcoar Club will be running a BBQ on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday. Dinner on Saturday night will be at the Neville Hotel.

The National Titles are open to any Maricat sailor who can comply with the conditions of the Carcoar NOR.

Non members of the Maricat association may enter for $20 plus the normal regatta fee.

Trophies will be awarded for the three classes; Cat Rigged, Super Sloop and Sloop.

Special handicap awards will be made to encourage older boats and less experienced sailors.

State and National Champions will hold a tuning clinic during the morning rig up on Saturday

Maricat sailors of all standards are encouraged to participate, irrespective of boat or sail age.

Come and join the Maricat party.

Contact: Maricat Race Secretary: Rodney Anderson (Pointed Reply), 0428503126, rodney.anderson@visy.com.au

Or: Carcoar Dam Sailing Club:carcoarsail@yahoo.com.au, 0429555134

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2012 Memorial REGATTA

25th& 26th February 2012.



The Regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in the ISAF Racing Rules 2009-2012


Carcoar dam


Registration can be made at the club house from 9am

Race program

Saturday the 25th. Not before 11.30am Sunday the 26th. Not before 10.00am

A briefing will be held before the start of each race. Presentations will take place as soon as possible after the last race.

Scoring System

The Regatta will be scored as provided in Appendix A of the racing rules using the Low Point System.


The course to be sailed for each race will be notified at the briefing prior to racing.


The penalty for breaking a rule of Part 2 of the Racing Rules will be the 720 degrees Turns Penalty for mono hulls and 360 degree turn for multi hull boats.

Eligibility and Entry

The Regatta is open to all classes of boat. Five or more boats of the same type will constitute a class. Other boats will be aggregated into separate classifications of similar type. All boats are to comply with their class rules at the time of the Regatta. All boat owners shall be a financial member of a YA affiliated sailing club.

Boats and sailors shall enter by completing an entry form and paying the appropriate fee before racing. Entry forms are available at the clubhouse. Sailing instructions will be issued at the time of Registration


It is requirement that when registering, participants must hold a current Insurance Policy Certificate/Receipt for their boat, which included Racing cover $5 Million (minimum) Legal Liability Cover

Entry Fees

Full Regatta Weekend $30.00 One Day (or part day) $20.00


All those taking part in the Regatta do so at their own risk and responsibility.

The race committee, the Carcoar Dam Sailing Club and its members accept no responsibility for any sailor or the seaworthiness of any boat whose entry is accepted.

All sailors are required to wear an approved Personal Flotation Device when sailing.


Food and drink are available at the Club House. Evening Meal will be held at the Neville Pub from 6pm.


Toilets and hot showers are available at the Club House


Goldfields Motor Inn 48 Martha Street Blayney (02) 6368 2000

The Central Motel 107 Adelaide Street Blayney (02) 6368 3355

Exchange Hotel 121 Adelaide Street Blayney (02) 6368 2124

Club House hotel 63 Adelaide Street Blayney (02) 6368 2186

Tattersalls Hotel 47 Adelaide Street Blayney (02) 6368 2145

Camping available at the club


Ash Johnson: 0429555134

John Ford: 0409 159 909

Andrew Driver: 0437 442 429

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Forget the boat - prepare the trailer

Do we need to bring a spare axle and springs wheels bearings tyres etc for you Dr Pete or will you be OK this time. I will bring them if you need them, just to get the Victorian Maricat cat rigged champ there.


Your forward thinking does you great credit, Phil, and I have begun the process of preparing a trailer to compete in the upcoming nationals. After my past experience at the last two nationals I have come to realise I spent far too much time preparing the boat. Dumb!

Not this time - why just this afternoon I went to my club and retrieved yet another of my boat trailers and carefully brought it home in an unladen state at 80kmh. Lots of stops to check bearing temperatures. The tyres are shot and will be replaced, and the bearings will be either serviced or replaced depending what I see tomorrow when I take them off.

As far as preparing the boat my Mark 2 is still broken (the tramp mat track sheared off on the port hull) so I have transfered the newish Eastwind Sail to my old Mark 1 with the ground off stop on the mast and have been very pleased with the result.

So I will be bringing my old Mark 1 Mari with the newish 'Eastwind' sail on the soon to be refurbished trailer. Hopefully we'll have an uneventful journey in both directions.


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We booked our accom yesterday at the caravan park in Blayney, and accom is filling fast. The caravan park had 3 cabins left, no motel accom left in town, (well accom that we could book today, one place the owners were on holidays and the staff could'nt take bookings for that far out), accom is hard to come by in Neville as well. There is a big wedding in town on that day, an engagement party and the regatta. If you need place to lay your weary head, better book sooner than later.


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OK - it's in my diary. With luck I should have an operational trailer by then.


I have the operational trailer and was almost ready to travel the distance but now someone else has has tapped me on the shoulder for the Timpenny Titles at Bendigo. It means I get to crew with wifey (who is usually part of the crew) and a skipper I admire. We should be competitive whereas I was only going to be a bookend at the back of the fleet at the Maricat Nationals. Also, Bendigo is only a couple of hours drive compared to hours and hours. I must also admit that prior 'trailer problems' do prey on my mind.

Sorry guys but maybe next time.


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Dr Pete there are maris coming out of the woodwork all over here, sorry that you could not make it. Looks to be one of the best series for ages. It may even be that GRP boat are going to outnumber the foamies, and super sloops out number the cat rigs. Weather is here, shame you not beautiful!


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The highlights of the weekend were for me, seeing Nick Ward beat Mick over the finishline in race 1 of the second day. Seeing my boat go over the line first in race one of the second day, pity I was not aboard it. Seeing a one owner Mk1 in perfect almost showroom original condition. Just goes to show what good care, respect for your boat, and never having sailed in salt water, can do for your boats condition. Lesson from this, always wash your boat off with fresh water after having sailed in salt, and try to keep it under cover. Well done to Mik Coalcliffe on Humangas for taking my title away from me, (again). Well done also to Rob Fowler for sailing a very consistant series and taking 2nd over all on a GRP boat.


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For the first race on Sunday morning we did a boat swap.

The sailor of the boat coming first sailed the boat coming last while the sailor coming last sailed the boat coming first, and swapped 2nd for second last etc.

This gave the owners of the older/slower boats the opportunity to sail the newer/faster boats under race conditions. Mike sailed Bruce's heavy old Badger while Bruce had the chance to sail the world champion boat. I swapped with Nick. Adrian sailed Bulldozer for an all the way win. Pat sailed Mark's.

It was a fun and educational event. We all had the chance to sail and test other boats...all one design but they are all a little bit different in their set up.

Information was shared across owners.

This may become a feature of future events.

Once again thanks to Carcoar for a great weekend.

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Not enough, but with a bit of thought we may be able to induce some of the thousands of GRP Maris back to State and Nat titles. Fleets of 50 plus attainable? Points to consider, 1 Venue (Is there a fleet already, is it easily accessed, is accom cheap/plentifull, camping near?) 2 Costs, regatta, association travel and accom. 3 Juniors, separate start/course? More input required so keep the ideas coming. I know the association is doing its best but all interested Mari owners need to step and join (including yours truly)

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We have'nt come to a solid answer on a date yet nor a venue, we did kick around Trial Bay regatta but the Canberra guys felt that a bit far unless on a long weekend. We did kick around Kurnell but accomodation is generally a problem there (and they don't have a Mari fleet) (yes I know that there is no Mari fleet at Trial but they don't have a sailing club there either). We went to Batemans the year before last but none of their guys showed up. As for dates that depends a bit on the venue.

We can no longer afford to have a stand alone titles, we need to have it tie in with someones regatta.

And as it stands this may have been our last Nats as we are really struggling to pay the insurance for the assoc. (I understand that insurance was about $1200.00 so that works out at $92.23 for each boat that sailed the Nats) It will depend on how many we get to the states and membership renewals.

As for boats we had about 13 maris, 1 cat rigged the rest Super sloop. If someone else had turned up cat rigged they would have come 1st or 2nd in cat rigged Mari of the world.

Sloop rigged would have been a walkup for 1st in the world.


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Some quite understandable issues there! Sounds like it isn't very well supported either.

I would consider using some of our resources and expertise to help promote the thing for a little while if the association were interested. There may be a few things we could do to help out.

Honestly, it seems to me that sailing in general is in dire need of a resurgance in popularity. I am not sure why though. I have been thinking about it for the past few weeks and as yet don't have any answers.

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The suggestion was tabled to the Maricat Execs that you run a Nationals with the Windrush 14's over the Australia Day weekend at Mannering Park.

This does 3 things, you piggy back off the Australia Day Regatta at Mannering Park, you also help share costs with the Windrush and you get a 3day (Sat, Sun, Mon) regatta courtesy of Australia Day falling on a Saturday.

Food for thought.

P.s. You also have an established Maricat fleet there...

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Not that it is any of my business, nor do I have any part to play in it, but that does sound like a wise suggestion on surface value, assuming the Windrush 14's were into it.

Being a Nationals, I guess you expect to have to travel, but for many self funded amateures, I imagine the travel is simply unviable. For example, Mannering Park would be a 10 hour drive for me. I don't think I could make such a treck unless it were turned into a week long holiday.

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and what better place to have a week long holiday than Lake Macquarie. Nice couple of hours from Manno is Wangi Workers where you could stock up on some Dutch courage for the trip home - or Wangi RSL for a nice beer on the grass.

There are other places too, I'm new here so don't know all the watering holes. The other locals would be able to advise.

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Couple of hours from Manno is Wangi, Jimbo how are you planning on getting from Manno to wangi, by crawling backwards? You can near on piff a gibber from manno to wangi if the wind is blowing in the correct direction.

Yes Micheal we did discuss the windy/Mari Manno option but as said we have not settled on anything yet.


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