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wanted F14 or f16 somthing modern

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Take look at Nacra I17 for sale, this boat is in exellent condition , comes with everything, proven faster than A Class and F18 in light winds, very competitive in med and heavy winds, sailed 1 or 2 up. Carbon fibre Kevlar hulls boards rudders, 125kg fully rigged. New wing mast and rigging. New main, tapered batons, Google.. Nacra I17, has larger sail area than F16, was made by BCC Roscoe as alternative to F18 for lighter weight crews, eg husband and wife. Very reluctant sale but with good reason.

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Thanks for you help , I'm leaning toward a viper atm as a few reports say they are less likely to nose dive than the blade, tonys boat looks like a reasonable buy shame its ply I swore id never buy another timber boat because of the maintenance , where do inter17's sail and what are they like off the breeze I usto sail a 5.8 and it was great upto around 26knots where as the 5.2's were pathetic past 14 knots they almost Nosedive upwind ? I'm wanting good competition

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You'd be hard pressed pushing the 5.2 bows underwater.

Mine used to glide in anything up to 25 knots. Thestronger the better i found.

Viper is an awesome boat but not many seconds out there as everyone wants to hang on to them. Though the fleetis growing fast and inevetably a seconds market will grow also.

I have a Ply blade, stiff as anything and completely sealed in epoxy.

Heaps of Taipans around, quick boat, usually a few seconds available in fibreglass and reasonably priced boats. like all F16's 1 up or 2 up.

Get the Blade and help me grow the f16 fleet!

Where you located?

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Thanks for your help. thinking blade ... i can see it being a fleet that will grow. tipan is a little outdated the a class is evolving to fast you have to be a millionare to keep up with it.., locataed in mackay... no compeditive sailing up here.. moving south at end of year somwhere with a good cat fleet

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