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My Old Girl


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G'Day All,

When I sailed the boat last Wednesday I took a few pic's, so if nobody minds I will list them. :)

I had two mains to try out but I need advice please for how the main luff downhaul and vang are set up. The young guy before me had no idea at all about set up as shown on the main sheet, which is right now.

So Ive just left it "as is" until I confrim its right or what the more modern boats have.

First time out I broke a sail battern tie in line in the org Windrush sail and the tramp lashing line at the rear beam really "thined out", which the other guy used that really really cheap red & white glossy line, but Im happy to replace that king of stuff anyway, gets me out of the house ! :rolleyes:

As I said in another post I had fun but did have issue's trying to tack the bloody thing, so I need to play more with the rig......Only thing is I spent around five hours on the water in total, so got badly sunburned legs and banged up my knees a fair bit........But still had fun eventhough Im an old fart now ! :mad:


Andrew S

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Where to begin...

Ok for your downhaul, take the white rope and uncleat it from the boom and cleat it to the mast base, it must pull straight down and you will need all the purchase that the white rope and atached rope has, modern windy has 2 locking cleats either side of mast so can be adjusted from either side those cleats incorporate pullys for purchase. To tack you MUST have some forward movment to get past the wind, so power up gain speed ,dont release the main sheet keep it tracked in tight to centre and release the main sheet as you pass under the boom, push the boom out with 1 hand so the wind dosent push the main and the back of the cat back up into the wind, this will allow the arse to come around, rudder must stay in the turned position until you change tack, then straighten up and pull the main on. I would suggest you sail sloop with windy and allow the jib to push the front around also, the windy goes heaps faster with a jib as it gives the main sail wind flow. Have fun..

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That downhaul system you have as rigged works OK with the dacron sails , I had the same system on my bulkhead boat for many years , they did it that way to allow you to reach the adjusting part (Red knob end) a bit easier if you were sailing alone rather than go right up to the mast. You actually have heaps of purchase as it is.

But what I would do is take off the vang - they really do get in the way and are of minimal value if you use your traveller properly. Most of the racing boats don't use the vang anymore.

But she looks to be in pretty good shape - & sails look nice & crisp - not a lot of use by the looks.

so get out & enjoy.


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