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Hydra - rebuild or parts?


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Hi guys, I have a Hydra that has had a hard life, both hulls are soft and take water, have pulled the top off one hull and found damaged strigers etc. Trampoline needs repair and mainsail has been stored on the trailer (not in a box)! I had a lot of fun on this old girl 7-10 years ago but has been left up the backyard after last trip when it appeared to take in a lot of water!!!

I now have kids that are just getting big enough to get them into the world of sailing. I cant really justify spending $2k plus bringing this old girl back up to speed but am finding it hard to wreck her as she brought me so much joy.

I am looking for a a cheap option ($2K mark) to get a similar size cat in running order so I can put the old girl up for parts. Any references/suggestions would be appreciated!


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