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Sunday Racing at Toukley


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Looks like this Sunday could be a copy of last Sunday at Toukley weather wise.

Last Sunday two windys and an impulse came out to play. The afternoon was spectacular and we did two laps around some bouys then decided to go to the Entrance. Had an absolute blast with an awesome downwind tacking duel all the way down to the small island out the back at the Entrance. Two people fishing in a tinny were amazed when two windys beached themselves at full crack about fifty feet from where they were anchored just off the island.

Coming back was just as much fun with both boats trucking on the wire smashing through some rough chop. Found some muscles that hadn't been used for a while.

Stan took the easy way back by hugging the eastern shore while I went for one last starboard tack over to the bridge. Tacked over onto port, heard a noise from the sidestay and found the pin just coming out of the shackle. Smashed the tiller back over and luckily the whole rig stayed up there long enough to get it tied off while steering with two toes. Truly is a gut wrenching feeling to watch your sidestay blowing around in the breeze.

Hoping this Sunday will be just as good. Should be more boats this week end with every body recovered from the holidays. The only downside is that the lake is a bit low and there is a bit of weed about.

So there it is. Racing again this Sunday. A good northeaster, a friendly relaxed atmosphere, what else could you want.

All welcome.


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