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Need new mast


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I have a second-hand mast from a Mark II about which I will make no claims - I have never used it. I have pitchpoled about four times with my modified mark I mast and nothing has broken. I am sure I could get a fellow Victorian going for a modest price with my second-hand Mark II mast. Apologies, Mick.


Maricat 2416

Commodore YYC

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Thanks for the offers.

I (maybe a bit mad) decided on a new mast and found a supplier in Melbourne who has blanks. Bob Keeley 03 9555 4965 has plenty of K-04 sections which look like the replacement for my mast.

I am busily drilling the required holes and now need to find someone to anodise the blank. Does anyone have any suggestions for anodising a 22' mast in Melbourne?

I also need a new mast base as mine has cracked.

Also I need a new dolphin striker. Bob didn't have a striker but helped me make one by using a piece of aluminium tube over a spreader. Then a stailess steel screw to adjust tension. Looks simple, but I'm not quite sure. Does anyone have an original Dolphin striker, which I can pop into the existing holes?


Don't Panic


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