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Maricat on Ebay


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Hi All, I am looking to purchase a Mari 4.3 and live in Brisbane so dont really want to travel too far to pick up if possible but will for the right boat. I have found the following two, one on ebay and one on Gumtree. The Gumtree boat is now reduced in price to $1290 but still seems a bit high but does come with beach wheels (not sure on the repaint). It would be appreciated if you could provide me with your opinions/guidance on each of these please.



Thanks Mike

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Not enough detail on the gumtree pics to identify mk1 or 2 but tramp looks old - current ones are one piece that stiffen the rig when you tighten them up. Ebay one too, mk2's have the traveller integral with the rear beam.

If the ebay one stays around $700 then you might have a workable boat the other one is too pricey - would expect a Darcy DeLux for that coin.

Decide if you want racing sails too - neither of these look like it. The current sail shape is quite different allowing for the mast to have more rake. Also the rudders are redrilled to allow them to tuck under to help the centre of effort.

Oh, maybe Michael_Foster may have something meaningful to add!

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