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F18 Upgrade - Advice / Boat Wanted

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Hello All,

I currently sail a 2002 Tiger at Port Melbourne. Myself and my crew are relatively inexperienced but we are keen, race most weekends and woulld like to upgrade our boat. Eveything is as you would expect from on a 10 year old F18 with original rigging etc, but the cunningham is particularly ineffective.

We can either spend some money on some new sails (either hobie or not), get a more recent tiger or try a different design (Infusion?). The dilemma is complicated by the fact it would be nice to participate in the hobie nationals next year if they are at our club (tbc).

Were we to change boats we would spend $9kish including trailer (unless we manage to hang-on to our existing one).

Any general advice or knowledge of boats available at that price would be very welcome.

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