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olympic sailing results - where ARE they?

bad dog

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2GB covered all sports with Aussies well.

Channel 7 should be ashamed. The first week you would have thought that it was just a swimming meet. It has been PATHETIC.

A mate of mine in Europe said they have about 7 stations covering the entire games with pretty much everything live.

Yesterday we had the Tornado's nearly 1 hour delayed.


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Look! It's really simple. Channel 7 had to bid for the rights to cover any of the games, the budget they have available to them, compared to some of the overseas networks is rather pitiful and so they had to spread their recources to cover as much of everything that mattered to the larger part of the population and that in turn means that sailing in general along with shooting and archery just didn't get the coverage that we may have wanted. It's an unfortunate part of life that the majority gets what they want, whereas we can go begging. The hard truth is that sailing is boring to most people and therefore doesn't rate very high in the TV coverage rates. Don't believe me? Just go back to some of the threads in this very forum asking how can we get more people into sailing or risk extinction.

end of rant .... Harry

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But Harry, if the hamburger store doesn't offer pizza, how can they justify the view that they don't get much call for pizza?

If TV covered sailing well, ie, lots of close up action mixed with the broader camera angles, and some technical graphics a la the last America's Cup, it really is exciting even to nongs.

I agree the budget / population issue is true, but then we had SBS picking up the scraps Ch7 didn't want (apart from the soccer - but then SBS must own that by now). We could have had Sailing Before Soccer (instead of the traditional Sex Before Soccer).

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As a former radio journalist can I have a rant?

I want and expect in this day and age results as they happen.

Mainstream newspaper coverage of the T's was zero until it was seen that a gold was a chance. Only today after bundy/ashby won silver is there an anywhere decent story/photo in the courier mail and the Australian. I bet their editors had a fit to get a background story up before last night's deadline.

Other coverage

The blow by blow mark roundings by the ISAF website were good but you got results for half a dozen cats coming up at the same time. Very frustrating/agonising waiting for the next mark rounding.

The Sailjuice site had nothing at all on the T's (print journo's deadlines are vastly slower than electronic media) there's no other excuse for the delay in putting news up on a blog site.. His story today is more like a catchup than anything else.

The Tornado website had some details up to race 6 and then nothing until today when they finally announced the winners.

The Australian Sailing Team site was fast with daily race and overall position details but absolutely no other details despite journalists on the scene. Not happy people!

Thank heaven 7 at least televised the medal race. Was Gordon Bray the commentator? He sounded unsure of himself and certainly didn't go into too much detail. Who pitchpoled? I didn't hear a thing! Who ripped a sail and retired? not a word.

I was amazed at the live footage and atrocious swell and chop. The onboard camera vision was excellent and the full remote control to focus,zoom and (gasp) look around was just brilliant. I would really liked to have seen a forward looking camera mounted head high behind the rear beam to give a skipper/crew eye view of the action especially the spinnaker launch and retreivals.

I was just in awe during that final race and disappointed our guys didn't get up, but it was still one of the most exciting sailing events I've seen. I will be looking for a DVD if one comes out.

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How exciting is the swimming, water polo, softball, marathon, etc. present it right its exciting!

Not only the T's, there was little if any coverage of sailing. How good would have it been to watch the 49er's last race even if you knew nothing of it, they didn't get a gold, but they did till the last leg, what suspence is that!! Maybe be they should think about getting on the band wagon befor the band starts (the media). How many World Champs went into this Olympics.

There's a heads up.

Very Frustrated.

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The start boat set a very port bias line because they elected to set the course very close to the breakwater (for spectators) and it would have been a very short starboard start. All boats start on port except the Greeks (AUS training partner) who split the fleet on the start hurting AUS the most. AUS had to dump main and traveller to avoid a collision and were left stalled at the start. The Greeks continued on Starboard ripping their main sail soon afterwards and retiring. AUS also break the mast rotation which hampered their upwind speed. They went left up the course while the fleet went right and AUS pulled back quiet a bit of ground.

ESP lead at the top mark with ARG in 8th (5 points behind AUS) and AUS 9th.

The fleet sets of on a starboard downwind, AUS sets and gybes making big ground, passing ARG, AUT, ITA and GER (who cartwheeled), moving up to 5th. ESP drop to 3th with AUS 2 behind. On the next upwind AUS remained in 5th but ESP dropped to 4th being passed by NED, with AUS in persuit.

ESP increased the gap from 17 seconds to 32 sec between AUS on the last downwind to finish 4th and taking Gold. AUS finish 5th taking Silver with ARG finishing 6th to take Bronze.

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I wish I had been able to get in front of a TV to see the medal race - pity I have to work for a living! And where are the highlights in the evening? If there is a DVD...

All I got to see was a cameo piece about the sailing team on Ch7 just now (midnight Friday).

So how do we get this message of discontent into the scones of the TV producers? Anyone know someone?

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