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Single handed Spi sailing - how?

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Hi Townsville Cat,

I've never sailed a spi cat solo before but I'm guessing it would be a case of cleating the main, hold the tiller with your leg somehow, then bear away a bit to drop and retrieve the spinaker just as you approach the mark.

That's only a guess. Maybe others who sail F16 can comment further? Perhaps its just a matter of work like hell and pray that it all comes good?

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Originally posted by Townsvillecat:

I'm after tips for single handed Spi sailing for a novice. Have a NACRA 4.5 with 14sq Spi, attempting to emulate the F16's.

How do you do it? After rounding the buoy on the downwind leg there seems to be too much to do with not enough hands.

It is not really as hard as you may think. Basicaly when raising spinnaker, you release the main, turn down wind, kneel on tramp with tiller extension in the back of your legs, pull halyard quickly, then sheet main correctly and cleat, then trim spinnaker with sheet. Do reverse for dropping.

Lot's of info on the F16 and Mosquito Websites Mossie site also has photo's. home.vicnet.net.au/~mosquito/


Regards Gary.

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Thanks for the replies; I also found the Mosquito site tonight.

Once the Spi is up I have been centering the traveller in order to stop possible excessive mast bend by balancing it with the main?

Upwind the jib is out, downwind it is being furled.

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