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mosquito home build

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has anyone attempted to build a mosquito at home

some general questions

how much boat building experience would be needed

are plans available

how much moden materials can be used

i am in the gold coast area is anyone in the process of building a boat at the moment so i can have a look

thanks brett

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hello no turbulence

i was wondering if there is any mosquito's sailing on the gold coast or is there any on the gold coast i could have i look at as i am keen on cheaking these boats out

i looked on the mosquito web site with not much qld gold coast info

thanks brett

h16 spi (i come from the dark side)

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hello loose change

thanks for the info

i have never seen a mosquito cat before , my mate comes from tassy (20 years ago) and said there are some sailing down there a few years ago

he has got an arrow which feels light and is much like a mosquito butt only 14 ft

these cat interests me in the single man cat rig with spi as i have a hobie 16 spi and no crew

this is only my opion and may or may not be correct

thanks brett on the gold coast


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Hi Fastenergy

I sent you a PM regarding the build but as far as Local Mozzies I can put you in touch with two local Mozzies that race in south Brisbane both race with kites and very helpful. One sails out of Sampsonvale dam and the other at Wivenhoe dam, some times out of Cleveland YC, let me know if I can help.



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