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Elwood Junior History? and Future?


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Hi all,

I have 2 Elwood Jnr cats, I've owned 1 for 20years and sailed it with much enjoyment as a teenager. I aquired the other in unusual circumstances, but that's another story. I'm now renovating both cats. I'm hoping to encorage each of my two daughters to sail them. Now, to the questions.

How many Elwoods were ever made and how many are still in existence? I'm sure the class is dying, but is this just from lack of interest or was there inherent flaws in the design.

I'm interested to know anything about the Elwood Jnr class and also if anyone has any Elwood parts gathering dust.

So far all I know is that the Elwoods were designed by one-design for the Elwood yacht club as a training vessel in 1972.


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