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G'day from Cairns. New owner.

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Hi all, I've jst acquired a windrush 14 sail number in the 4800's. Looking in the bung holes I can see cross members down the hull. Not sure what Mk that makes it. ANy ideas?

The sails are fair with worn batten pockets. I've still only rigged once and am yet to have a shakedown sail. So I will have lots of questions coming.

My first question is about the v.big aluminium rivets that hold the rudder assembly on. There is a fair bit of slop in mine. Does anyone have the rivet dimension size so I can look at replacing these or would a recessed bolt head, washer and nut do a better job?



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If iti is the rivets on the transom that hold the top plate or the lower gudgeon then they used to be an 870 rivit, which means 1/4 diam and 7/16 grip length.

They are big mothers and not many have a rivet gun to pull them up. Most of the big boat mast riggers will be able to suply and fit them if needed , othrwise a 1/4 round head bolt and nut/ washer under the roll over will work fine.

Sail number of 4800 would be around 1982 ish.

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Windrush parts

Hi mate, my Windrush recently met with a falling tree at my place and hence I have numerous parts for sale. I have everything but the hulls and main sail in good condition with some new parts not yet used. I'm on the tablelands and sail at tinaroo. the boat won 4 out of 5 race series last year before i moved onto an a class. If there is anything you may need let me know.

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Jimbo have seen your posts elsewhere ; ) TSP

Not much sailing on the Daintree :eek: ;)

The other aspect of the Daintree area is that it is a lot more idyllic than practical. Lots and lots of people move up there and then head home. Might be better to take small steps in the tropics. Even here in Cairns there is temp and humidity differences between suburbs, let alone comparing to the tablelands. That being said it is the God's zone so..... :cool:

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