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climate change may force rule change

bad dog

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As I sit here waiting for the southerly to calm down a bit, hopefully in time for this afternoon's racing, I lament not having a smaller rig for bigger winds. It occurs to me that as extreme weather events are likely to increase with climate change (which is not to say we have not always had a mix of extreme weather) more and more regattas are likely to have races postponed by winds over the maximum allowed by the rules. eg, 22kn in A Class.

Considering the 30kn monster northerlies we have been having on the east coast this summer, as the big highs sit over the Tasman, 22kn might become limiting.

Now, we can always get No.2 rigs and even No.3 rigs - eg, in A Class, the rules specify maximum sail area, not minimum. One-design classes don't have this option.

At some point in the future, we may have to consider changes to class rules to allow smaller rigs, and regatta rule changes to allow races to proceed in stronger winds. Or we might just get lucky on race days.

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