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New to the forum, and just about to be new to cat sailing. I'm looking at buying my first cat primarily for fun weekends with the family on a local lake (Queens, Mid North Coast), and currently I'm tossing up between a 4.3 Maricat or 4.3 Windrush. There's a few for sale- and in my limited price range. So, of these two cats, which would you say is best suited to "family sailing"? I have two young kids (6 and 9) that are keen for a run, and the wife wants a few runs also, so is either of the above cats more bouyant / or have more room than the other? Or should I be looking at 16 footers?

Any info appreciated.



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Stick with a 14, Windys have more bouyancy and are simpler and generally tougher (except for the rudder system), Maris are easier to find, 2nd hand parts abound and there are larger race fleets. Both boats have problems to look out for. If you are going to look at a boat, give me a call and I will let you know what to look for, 02 43591729. An average 14 starts at $800 on trlr, buying the wrong boat could cost an extra $1000.

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