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Original Arafura Cadet on Ebay


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Hope you get it, I piggy backed Eoins Arafura cadet to Meningie a few weeks ago and he had a great sail, if you get this one we could meet there. We're sailing at Milang tomorrow if your on this half of Aus, forecast 15 to 20, Bretts bringing his Stinger and trying to get Todd to bring his stinger for some pre nationals practice.

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thaks jeff, ill let tiarn borrow a boat for a quick sail while all the AC's are at the nats rather than taking one all the way there. besides the fact i need her to sail up front on the stingray, rather than steering an AC all day lol and if we buy one there, we will need the room to get it home on the stingray tramp.

and jeff if you weigh 105 kg's, then im a badger named cyril.......

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Kimba is not for sale...........historical heirloom belonging to Wagga Sailing Club.

Yes it has timber mast and boom.

It now has a "new" sail acquired from Jeff.

Boat is mostly original. Refurbished (again) a year or so ago.

Some old corroded hand made brass fitting replaced (but kept !)

Old glue lines can be a bit of a problem.

The timber beams have been "strengthen" with marine ply some time ago.

I did try to remove and replace with new timber but the bolts had seized.

I did not attempt major surgery to remove them.

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Your a worthy custodian of that beautiful boat, I paint stripped, retaped all seams, layer of glass on the bottom for sliding on the beach, then everdured before painting Eoins. Heres some photos of the restoration

Cyril the Badger you need to change your name on the posts are you a normal badger or a honey badger? If it's the later I will just call you honey when I see you I range between 102-107kg plus sailing gear I would have weighed 110kg in my gear at Milang yesterday. First time I met Todd we went out on his Stinger in a blow when Stinger states were cancelled due to the wind, he said he couldn't believe how well the stinger was behaving then he asked my weight and when I told him he said if he knew that he wouldn't have let me on his decks!




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