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Warning : caper cat seller on gumtree in south east queensland not to be trusted

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Heads up for anyone in South East Queensland / Fraser Coast that might be interested in a caper cat. Save your fuel and don't deal with this person.


This guy is dishonest, he tried to pass these off as 2 x recently refurbished caper cats and trailers and said they had not been sailed since the hulls were re-sprayed

and trailers overhauled.

Nothing could be further from the truth, the trailers are in very poor condition and are not registrable in their current state and they have no chassis number , the boats have loose side beams with dodgy worn bolts instead of rivets, hulls faded and have sun / physical damage and the 'current' pictures he provides appear to have been taken back in 2005 when i looked at the file details.

I wasted a tank of fuel driving to River Heads ( near hervey bay ) from Brisbane today to check these out only to find the guy had been lying to me via phone and email about the condition of the boats.

I feel like such a goose for being tricked by this tool, i thought it sounded too good but after speaking to him on the phone i thought i was talking to someone who could be trusted..............WRONG!

At least the next boat i'm looking at is a bit closer to home, 5km, but it is a monohull mirror........... :)

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Yep he has a h18 as well for sale

Nope must be someone else, he just a couple of battle scarred capers and rusted out trailers.

No real budget as such, just looking for something to get the kids into sailing that is low maintenance and easy to sail.

I had looked at a Nacra 430 and Sirroco and only looked at the caper as i'd had one when i was younger ( wish i'd kept it now ) and loved it.

But kids are only 2 and 4 so I am thinking a mirror or heron would be more suitable at the moment as we could join one of the local clubs that sail on the brissy river

and take to holidays at lake cootharaba.

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For what its worth I saw a couple of Hobie wave's at Myall Shores Holiday Park sounds like they might go for a good price.

Here is there number call Garry on 02 4997 4495



Thanks for that, I've seen a few hobie's for sale around Brisbane / Sunshine coast recently for reasonable prices compared to new.

I'm not convinced on the long term strength and durability of the roto-moulded plastic.

There were some ex tangalooma resort Nacra Sirroco's on ebay recently but they looked a bit abused & battle scarred and didn't come with a trailer.

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Bugger Symo such a long drive for nothing mate. I think I know the add ur talking about but its been removed again. Perhaps the seller is a luker here?

I've been thinking about the mono hull idea for my little ones too both 3-5 but will stick with the 14ft Kula cat for now. Some of those Hobies around Brisbane do look good but ur mono looks like a nice tidy buy.

I've heard Lake Cootharaba being mentioned before, are there some good launch sites and accommodation around the lake?

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Ahhhh nice looking mirror, varnished plywood boats look nice, but after going down that road when I was younger, I decided on something fibreglass and something that I did'n t have to bail out after a capsize, hence why I'm posting on a catforum now instead of monohull forum. I think I spent more time fixing split plywood and painting and varnishing my boats than I did sailing them, I was nearly going to name one of them "thank god for silastic" either that or "plastibond Warrior"


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@Matt15, Awesome place, great sailing, fishing, camping, 4wd-ing, mountain and road biking. Heaven on earth. There is a camping ground at Boreen and Elanda Point, heaps of houses for rent at Boreen Point, a great pub at the top of the hill and yummy hamburgers from the shop next to the sailing club. We used to camp there as kids in the 80's. Now we stay in a house, lake is 20m from the front door. When I check out of this world i want to be scattered into the lake.

@korwich, fortunately this one is almost new and in very good condition, only thing i want to add is an autobailer, having sailed many type of mono's as a teenager i know what u mean.

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