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Mannering Park


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NOR is here (in little letters at the bottom of the page) http://www.manneringparkasc.org.au/temp/index.php

Apparently the SI's will include Rule 30.1 rather than having to fly the I flag.

Reading it I'm not sure what the intention is, what the RO wants is for boats to NOT be crowding around above the extension line before the start (and therefore likely to barge, with risk to the Boat). Not sure if this will help because the rule seems to indicate that by sailing below the Boat in order to start will satisfy the rule. I'll have to ask on Sailing Anarchy!


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Not much commentary on this forum about the regatta.

Sailworld are our friends here: http://www.sail-world.com/Australia/F18-Nationals;-Crash-Bang-Happy-Australia-Day/105976

But they've ignored the other classes. Results are here: http://www.manneringparkasc.org.au/temp/showResults2.php for the other results.

Very breezy, up to about 25 knots on Saturday, we sailed four races then two on Sunday and none on Monday. Was far too hairy even at 9am.

Me, I got my big wind mojo back which was nice, capsized three times but the water was nice and warm.

Good on the good salts at Manno for putting the effort in and I think that with the lack of sailing going on the bar takings would have been up!! At least it was cold (the beer that is).


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I'll second that - had an enjoyable time - even tho' I did manage to sink a Hobie 18 on the waters edge - but what a place to 'park' a boat - half in, half outta the water right next to our 'departure and arrival' zone?

I'd like to thank the organisers (Brett) for allowing me to place the promo-stand for our car hoists in the clubhouse... and I think that Phil's red fez is something that might catch on - in bizarro cat-land... I may just turn up with a green fez at the next regatta - complete with one of those twirly propellers stuck on top... anything to outdo you misguided Maricat die-hards... :)

Pity tho' that there are no pix of the 14's to be seen anywhere - yet... but I don't see any pix of anything on the Mannering Park website yet...

BTW Mick – I was actually half serious about a hull-flying competition - it was quite manageable for a few hours close to shore on the Monday - and it would have been a fun thing to do seeing that the racing was called off... sometimes it's a good thing to just be silly - and it always seems to be something that anyone can have a go at... :p

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