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Windrush square top vs pin top mainsail. PROS vs CONS


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First impressions: square is definitely faster in moderate to heavy gusty conditions, but you would expect that. In light to moderate it is very close, but if trimmed properly I think the square is just marginally faster. I've been using it on my club boat that is super heavy, so not a great test. I used the square on my regatta boat at the cat classic against the hobie 16s and it was competitive in light to moderate conditions. My view is that they are tricky to trim, and have a narrow groove. I sailed the transition of tornados from a pin to a square and this change appears to be equally as hard to adapt to (maybe even a narrower groove than the T)

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I'll firstly state that I've not sailed the Square top.

IMO the Square should be faster in light-moderate as you have more sail area up high. This may not show to be the case so early in the use as people haven't worked out the correct trim. I believe over sheeting will cause the head to lay off which would be detrimental in light-moderate breeze. It should also be faster in heavy breeze as the head will lay off sooner which reduces the healing moment of the boat.

BUT if you're not a top flight sailor then the difference will be minimal and certainly spending more time on the water to practice will have a bigger impact on how fast you get around a course (Rob Thompson is still able to beat most with a dacron cut to the pre mylar shape which is slower than the pin head mylar as its how he sails the boat that makes him fast not just his gear).


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You also need to consider that in 5 years from now there will be a lot better understanding of what makes the new sails perform. The thought that the current pin head is being sailed around the race course at the same speed it was in the first season of it's introduction is not valid. the sail has been tweaked with different battens, different techniques etc.

In Leeman it seemed pretty obvious that the square top on the super sloops were not being sailed to their potential. the sloops beat most super sloops home in conditions that super sloops should have won in.

There is little doubt that the square top will perform better down wind. now you have to tweak it to weather. TIME.

The 16 sq are going through the same problems. at the nationals last week we watched the old pin heads lead around the 1st mark in most races. and they held their own in most conditions. but like your sail it is still being worked out. next season I think that the square tops will being going faster and will dominate.

Ultimately there is no substitute for good sailing. I led around the last mark in 2 races last week only to finish 3rd in both races through poor seamanship. one mistake undoes all the extra boat speed money can buy. I think most of us need to stop worrying about our sails and concentrate on making less mistakes on the water!

In an average race there are approx 8 legs. pick up 20 sec per leg through better boat handling and there is 2.5 mins

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Bloody unreal.!, straight up the pole there, s 10mins saved. Sailed in12kns boat accelerate when you feel the gusts, less heeling. More speed.Seems to tack faster. Batterns crack better coming out of tack. Careful not to over sheet and need to keep an eye on tell tales. Thats what I like. Fun!

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