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Industrial sewing machine advice


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Our yacht club is considering the merits of buying and industrial sewing machine for our members to use to repair tramps, sails etc. Does anyone have any advice? Is it folly or are there decent machines out there (second hand). I've seen a couple on gumtree, but no idea what to look for. We'd probably part with around $500-$700. Any advice welcome. Cheers Justin (Denmark Yacht Club - WA)

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I have my own sewing machine, (brother is in the business) which I used for repairs to my gear and make covers bags boom tents etc. Please remember that if the machine is being used by untrained people it will need repairs and these are not cheap. Also the thread for these machines comes in large spools and for the type of work your talking about your looking between $150 - $200 depending on type of thread and thickness. I have found that if you do most of the upicking work of the old broken stitching on tramps and sails so the sail maker just has to sew the repair it is quite cheap.

If you do go the purchase path you will need a 'walking foot' machine. The difference is both upper and lower feeds under the needle pick up the material and feed it back. A normal foot will slip and the thread will gather at the same spot or will not be even.

If your sewing normal tramp material and upto 4 layers of sail cloth you will not need a ' long arm' or singer K6 machine. I would personaly be looking for an 'Adler' brand these machine were made in Germany and designed for heavier work. Singers are good but being English in origin need more loving care than most.

For spinaker work use a good domestic machine

I would strongly suggest that you find a local chat

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