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Lake Eyre Yacht Club


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You think i'm kidding, no i'm not!!!!!!


Bob Backway, our commodore, is sailing his 14' Caper cat out there some where right now, as you can see on the website, he'll update on the 17th/03/09.

I can only imagine what he goes through, some of the stories on the LEYC website talk of chronic salt issues, storage of provisions,exposure.........

I am a member (not sailed on the lake yet) but i aspire to one day.

Has anyone here sailed the lake?

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How do we join? I've walked on it, never got my feet wet. You can get some pretty serious breezes too - and they are consistent.

I am also keen to join the Mt Isa Alpine Club - has anyone seen the t-shirt with "Ski Mt Isa" on it? ...last seen in a trendy bar in Whistler.

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The Commodre hath returned from thine great journey.....

Hi all,

My recent 6 day trip sailing on the Warburton River will be shown on the "Sunday Night" program next Sunday March 22, at 6:30 on Channel 7.

I hope I don't look like a complete fool.

Tomorrow I'm flying back to do the real sailing trip. The plan is to circumnavigate the lower Simpson Desert - down The Warburton and return via Kallakoopah Creek - about 650km in 3 weeks. The river is full and flowing fast - should be fun.

If the flood continues to perform we will have an unofficial regatta of "off the beach" boats in July. Keep an eye on the web site.


Bob Backway, Belgrave Heights, Victoria, Australia

Commodore of the Lake Eyre Yacht Club http://LakeEyreYC.com

I hope some of us can attend the regatta, That would be something, to have sailed on Lake Eyre!!!

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It looks like it's off unless we get another big rain.

This is the e-mail sent to me


Last Saturday I inspected the site proposed by the leaseholder for the regatta. It was perfect in all regards - vehicle access was easy, the beach so firm you did not leave footprints and the campsite was sheltered from the wind. Even National Parks were willing to talk. The only problem was the water was 0.5m shallower than in 2000. You would have to walk a boat out 3km before you could sit on it.

The rivers have dropped rapidly so it looks like 1.5m is this years peak. To get to the expected 2m about twice as much water is required from the rivers - that's not going to happen.

So unfortunately we can not hold a regatta this year. My apologies for raising the expectations of members, especially our "gunnas" and those who have recently purchased boats but this is the way it is with this Lake.

I'll be in Marree to May 22 so my email replies may be irregular.

My old school motto...

Pergo et perago - Persevere and achieve


Bob Backway, Belgrave Heights, Victoria, Australia

Commodore of the Lake Eyre Yacht Club

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