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Hi my wife and I have decided to get a new f16 or maybe a f18 for our two son's as they just powering so well one of the boys is 17yrs 6ft plus 88 kg and the other is 14yrs 5'8" 71kg what would suite . Saying that they can get my h20 really hopping . so what would be the best boat for them .



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It depends on what they want from the boat. If it is just to have fun, any of those mentioned will do. If it is to be competitive, they are at the upper end of the two up weight range and need to choose carefully. At 159 kg the 4.9 Taipan is well out of their competitive range. They are not good weight carriers and have demonstrated over the years to be brilliant performers for crews at 120 to 130 kg but tail off a lot over that. F18's are at their best at 140 to 150. The best fit at that heavy weight would be the Nacra 5.8. This is at State and National level. At club level it all depends on who you are sailing against. If the competition has been in a good paddock then no problem or even if it is windy all the time.

Another consideration is what boats are sailed at the local club. It's much more fun to sail against like boats.

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