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5.0 nose dives


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So down wind all I do is nose dive and cartwheel. I have tried everything and i am wondering if it is just our crew weight of 175kgs that causes them. We sit on the back beam, bare away, power up, slow down, rake mast back, rotation and down haul, etc. We are OK on the 5.8 but I just cannot Keep the 5.0s nose up (maybe I need to fill the nose with foam!!!). Any further suggestions.

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foam will only provide bouyancy when the hulls are full of water, it's not going to do anything to assist lift while on the water. You're 70cm longer than a Mari and with a fair amount of weight I think you're over the limit so the mine is going to be a familiar place! We have a few 4.9's at Manno and double up the crew would be 150 or less so I guess you've the wrong horse for the course.

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I'm not sure of the 5.0 construction, but in Windies they have horizontal foam bulkheads to support the slab sides and maintain bouyancy, if they are damaged or loose, the boat will bury the bows as you have described. With a hand either side of the bows at mid depth and halfway to the front beam, press inwards, if there is any deflection, that is your problem. PS. Foam sandwich Maris have incorporated this horizontal bulkhead, and seem to suffer less nosedives than the older grp boats without the bulkhead.

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Great advice. Thanks for the comments all. I was only kidding re the foam, but I will ask rosco about the hull construction. Considering the above I do think our crew weight is the main issue. As you mention loaded, we have done as you suggest, but to date I have not had time to ease the sheet or bear away as the boat is up side down in half a second, literally. (and i don't have access to a 5.8 so its the 5.0 for now). Thanks again all.

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I just tried a lot of rake (main now sheets nearly block to block), and a much bigger square top sail. This seems to have done the trick and the constant nose dives have stopped at last. Moving the centre of effort aft and the additional sail area has helped off-set our additional weight. I believe, as we are now moving faster the apparent wind gusts are not as large, thus giving us time to react. (eg where we were doing say 10 knts boat speed in 15 knts breeze, now we are doing 14knts; if we got a 5 knt gust it was actually 10 knts, now it is 6knts). Now we are keeping up with the lighter crews and it is much more fun for all.

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