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Maiden Voyage


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Well I finally took the Maricat 4.0 that I got for free. No trailer, so I had to make some beach rollers out of some wheelborrow wheels and steel rod. Then balance the boat and drag it down the road to the beach access, only a couple of hundred metres so not too bad. Had an absolute ball sailing for the first time in about 20 years.

Thank you Darcy1945 for the new trampoline and old chainplate adapters, everything else was repaired/scavanged/homemade but was a good, fun project. And thank you to all the members of this forum for the helpfull advice. I have attached a before and after photo. I may get a new sail one day too.


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Thanks Korwich, It is really nice. About 30k south of Mackay, a few islands, warm weather, warm water, lovely beaches, stingers, sharks and crocodiles:cool:.

And thanks exhogger, the rudders worked quite well, flip up and down nicely. All thanks to the advice/info/photos from this forum.

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