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Nsw mozzies


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Expecting a good fleet of Mozzies (from Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club, Paynesville VIC) to enter this weekend's Twofold Bay Regatta, Eden NSW. Probably a bit far from Qld!

I sail Paper Tiger & Laser at regattas all over southern NSW and have not seen any Mozzies this end of NSW. We have 14' cats (Paper Tiger, Windrush, Maricat) for the budget sailor, or 1-up with $ go to Taipan, F14, 2-up getting on Hobie 16, Nacra 5.8.

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Have a Taipan 4.9 that i hope to swap , trade or sell to get a mozzie to sail at Speers Point Sailing Club ( Lake Macquarie ) .

Brett , have not done any regattas for about 10yrs so not up to date . Would pay to get in touch with Tony ( arrowmanic ) , Grafton bridge to bridge race and one Mozzie sailing there .

Saw a Mozzie for sale on Gumtree at Coopers Plains (near Brisbane ? ) , have you seen it ? .

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Hi Dave,

Yes one mossie sailing at Grafton.

3 or so sailing SE Qld, I am one of those and we have one under build.

No others that I know of in NSW actively sailing currently.

Yes, should be a few mossies in sheds gathering dust, when you find some let me know, have a few people in SE Qld who would like one.

Or seek one out from Vic or SA if you can grab a good one.

Most are hanging onto them at present.

Get in touch with me through the mossie web site in the Qld section when you do get one and you can be part of our Qld / NSW group.

Our numbers are starting to increase.

I would happily travel to sail with you on Central Coast and used to come down to the Toukley Brass Monkey for a few years.

Regards, Drew

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