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Wallagoot Lake Regatta, March 9-10


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As part of the NSW Paper Tiger Catamaran Association's "State Pointscore" (traveller series), the Wallagoot Lake Boat Club regatta will be held on March 9-10.

Unfortunately none of the 3 local PTs will be entering; "Tigerdelic" is now in a shipping container, "El Blanco" has work commitments, and "the Mystery Tiger" is retired. I'll be on 'Rescue 1' setting courses and taking photos.

We are expecting a fleet of at least 10 cats, including classic Windrush & Maricats with classic & super-sloop rigs, Hobie 17s, Nacra 14square and maybe a F16.

The monohull course is an equaliteral triangle, with 800m legs. The cat wing mark is further out, providing squarer reaches 1km long. The cat course will be start-lap-lap-hotdog-lap-finish: so lots of fun reaches and windward beats around the tight course.

The long-range forecast suggests overcast with light winds, maybe 10knots, but actually it's gotten upto 15 most afternoons this month, with 20 knots late afternoon when there's a seabreeze.

The lake is full, at least 10m deep most of the way across, with a good grassy rigging area and sandy beach to launch from.

For location, Notice of Race, Entry Form and Sailing Instructions, see the club's website: http://thebegavalley.org.au/wlbc.html

Tony Hastings,

Secretary & Publicity Officer, WLBC

Publicity Officer, NSW PTCA

Mobile: 0427 534 548

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