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Who's putting in an AUS entry into the AC33.

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Alinghi launches multihull training program on Lake Geneva

1 May Alinghi

Alinghi, 33rd America's Cup Defender, has started its 2009-2010 multihull campaign in Switzerland launching the two Décision 35 catamarans that will be used as training platforms towards a multihull America's Cup in May 2010. Ref http://yachte.com/news/AustralianNews.asp

Here's the link to the application...


Surely a few of us lads could knock up a reasonable cat and stick it to the euro's and that annoying sheep shagger of a skipper.

What a great year 2010 will be, we go to NZ and watch the All Blacks choke at home. Then bring the AC back to AUS and Steve Bradbury gains another Gold in Vancouver.

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I don't think Coutts is skippering for Alinghi... he had a falling out with Bertareli...

But James Spithill (Aussie) is either helm or tactics for BMW Oracle, so technically its an aussie victory...

But unfortunately i dont think we could all pitching to raise a lazy 40million Euro to compete...

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