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Maricat 5.0m


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I have recently purchased a maricat 5.0 and have taken it out a few times but I am still trying to figure out how it all goes together?

I live in Canberra and have been out on the lakes but am looking forward to taking it down the coast for a sail!

I was just wondering if there were any other 5.0 m owners out there that may be able to help me sort it out/set it up etc?

Thanks in advance


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I'd advise you to get to Canberra YMCA sailing club, see what days they sail, you probly will need to get the contact details for Donna Grant, or maybe even her dad, I know her brother still has one but he lives on the central coast NSW. They are the only ones that I can remember were still sailing them. Nice boats just damn heavy.


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Fred(David) Grant Ph 0422610811. He has one sitting in his back yard but has not sailed it in a while. He is at Lake Macquarie. His Sister Donna has also sailed with Fred on his but I am not sure how much she knows about the boat. She lives in Canberra so could take a look. Fred also goes down to Canberra to see his parents so maybe he can check it out when he is next there.

If you want Donna's Number let me know. I will speak to her on weekend and see if she can be of any help.


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