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Boreen Point camp ground - Question?


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I've googled this question to no avail.

The www site says no camp fires or braziers however somebody (via Chinese whispers) says they were able to use a brazier (slash) cooker???

I know there's afew avid sailors here who regularly use Boreen Pt to get that sailing fix. Does anybody know from experience?

Cheers in advance,


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Ring the caretakers and ask them. http://www.sunshinecoastholidayparks.com.au/holiday_parks/boreen_point_campground/contact/

Snorkels have been neede down there recently but they are OK now. If you are thinking of Easter you might be too late unless you have booked.

Not sure about the camp ground but all the barbecue areas on the foreshore are wood and people use braziers and wood fires frequently

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Thanks John and dambat.

Yes already booked to go and fingers crossed the rain stays away.

dambat I noticed that all the BBQ's provided a wood around the camping grounds which makes no sense to the rules listed on the site. I might chance taking a brazier (SLASH) cooker along as you can't beat it when camping and the grounds will be very green and moist.

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