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In search for a used jib for 4.3m maricat + some advice


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Hi all,

I've recently come into possession of a 14ft maricat - I haven't got the boat on the water yet but excited at the thought of setting sail. And learning to sail... I live in Tonga at the moment where the maricat will suit scooting around the the shallow coral reef islands.

I've been in Melbourne for a couple of weeks and have found most of the missing parts, including tiller bar and extension. Now I'm having trouble finding a jib and also some cheap wheels that I can fit to the hulls and pull it to the local boat ramp.

Does anyone have an old jib that they're willing to part with? Or, would a jib from another small cat work, say a Hobie 14?

Also, has anyone got a home made trailer/trolley and can send me some tips? I live about 100m down the road from a boat ramp, so only need something simple. I was thinking about fitting two small trolleys to the hulls and pulling it with the front beam.

Lastly, I got some aluminum pieces that I will use for tiller crossbar. However, I'm not sure what the exact length should be. Is there a specifications sheet available somewhere? I'd like to get it ready to fit before leaving Melbourne as tools are sometimes hard to come by in Tonga.

Many thanks,


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Hi Dave, for a trolley to get you down do the beach, what I did was two wheelbarrow wheels from Mitre 10, $25 each and steel rod. I used stainless but that is only because there was some lying around at work. I was going to use 40mm galvanised water pipe and weld 16mm bolts to it to fit the wheel on. Easy to make and I will post a photo when I get home.

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